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TREE REMOVAL SERVICE IN THE SAN DIEGO COUNTY AREA Did you know that millions of trees are removed for various reasons including trees in the way of new construction, too close to a home, dead, deceased or just plain in danger to its surroundings? Some homeowners in the San Diego and surrounding County of San Diego area can choose to remove small trees themselves if they are away from objects and hazardous; however, if a tree is large or is surrounded by valuables that shouldn’t be disturbed, it is best to hire a professional tree service company to assure property assets are not damaged by the tree removal process and that it’s safely brought down. When it comes to tree removals, our employees are very knowledgeable and skilled allowing us to remove any size tree safely in any property. San Diego Tree Removal Near Me is fully insured for your protection and ours. Our experience and satisfied customers prove that we are the best tree service company to go with. When choosing a tree service business in the San Diego area, make sure to choose one that will safely remove a tree, make sure all debris is cleaned up, and leave you as a satisfied customer. San Diego Tree Service is the tree service to call. Your satisfaction is guaranteed and we offer free estimates. CALL (619) 407-8724 and you will be contacted within 24 hours. Thanks for visiting our website! THE BEST STUMP GRINDING AND STUMP REMOVAL SERVICES IN San Diego. San DiegoTree Care & Tree Removal Services offers tree stump grinding and stump removal services in the San Diego County area for both residential and commercial contractors. The stump grinding service is the most affordable method to handle unwanted stumps. This stump grinding service consists of grinding the stump 6″ below grade level and is the ideal approach for stumps that only need to be ground to let grass grow over, do small flowerbeds or work that does not require deep space. Tree stump roots can go several feet below grade level, which is why a 6″ stump grinding is the most practical method to go with. In addition to grinding the stump, we also grind the exposed root flares that pertain to the stump. This is the most common stump grinding service performed in the San Diego area. In addition to our 6″ stump grinding services, we also offer tree stump removal or what we call the “Deep stump grinding service.” This stump grinding service is highly requested by San Diego customers that want to plant new trees where current trees/stumps are. Our machines have the ability to grind stumps deep enough in order to plant new trees where current stumps are located. For example, in order to fit a 95-gallon tree where a stump is currently at, we would grind the area of where the stump is located 48” wide by 20″ deep and this will allow the new tree to be planted in the same space. Our team has done countless deep stump grinding services for tree nurseries, contractors and homeowners throughout San Diego County and we’re happy to help you out too. CALL (619) 407-8724 today!